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From David King

Founder of Life Boss Systems

If I offered to show you…

 How to Be Less Reactionary, stressed, and overwhelmed with your life…?

 How to Be a Better Example, for your kids in health and fitness, while role modelling how to handle big challenges day to day…?

 While at the same time guiding you to Tone Up Your Body and Gain Confidence in your daily food choices while maintaining GOD at the forefront of your life…?

 WITHOUT having to get surgery, spend 2 hours a day working out, take never ending expensive supplements, or be forever irritated…? 

Would you take me up on that offer?

My company, David King Coaching, just opened up availability for 40 and 50 year olds just like you to experience a powerful Virtual 8-Week experience known as BODY CONFIDENCE & WEIGHT LOSS MASTERY.

At 47, I’ve not only worked in the TRENCHES of Health and Fitness for 16 years, but I’m also more fit than I was at 20, more connected to my wife of 11 years…

 …and currently raising my daughter & son (10 and 8) with the DIVINE as the GPS of our lives. 

We’ve helped 10,431 people just like you since 2004 learn how to transform their bodies, mindset, families, and emotions simultaneously using our challenges and programs.

Are you next?

If so – during the Body Confidence Challenge, and in less than 7 days – I’m going to help you UNDERSTAND Yourself with Profound Certainty, Clarity, & Courage So You Can Ultimately MAKE BETTER CHOICES, and CREATE Massive Forward Momentum Inside Your Fitness, Mindset, and LIFE!


“It was a complete mind shift. I don’t even think of going back. I understand the game… and how to use the tools and strategies for this new weight range.

THANK YOU for this life changing experience.


~Dorelia Miller

“I am in control of my life and I have come A LONG WAY.

I’m going to keep working towards my goals, but also because I’ve never felt so good in my life.

Thank you for everything. This program is a true blessing for those ready to hear what you have to teach.”

~Jessica Yates

“Much to be grateful for this year. Health, my family, family-level friends, and doing work I truly enjoy.

Made important changes in my life to boost happiness and am starting 2021 the leanest I’ve been in a decade (lost 25 pounds since April). So here is to taking 2021 one smile at a time.”

~Rosanna Martinez

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